If you’re a digital marketing agency finding that your clients are starting to run ever larger Facebook campaigns which are taking up more and more of your time to manage, or you need to drive even better ROI from them, then our licensee package is ideal for you. This document will outline the basics of what you get, plus the terms.

Upcast will seamlessly integrate with your existing tracking systems, and can be white labelled as your brand.


A license gives you access to Upcast via our secure login accessible from any internet-enabled device. Our servers are hosted at multiple locations and are subject to a robust service level agreement to give you complete peace of mind.

If you’re expecting to be running an especially high volume of traffic through the system or have specific compliance requirements, we can allocate you your own sever.


We’ll make sure you’re trained up and understand how to use Upcast to get the best out of your campaigns. You can do this via the web, or right here at Upcast’s offices in London.

We run a team of dedicated account managers. Your account manager will act as your first-line support, and can give personal advice on issues such as login failures, problems setting up or running campaigns, and minor training issues on features. For a separate fee, we can give you round-the-clock support.

We’re constantly updating, refining and improving Upcast, and will let you know via email when we release new features for you to play with.

Custom work and roadmap

If you’ve got any recommendations for new features for Upcast, we can negotiate development work on a case-by-case basis. Of course, if it’s something that would benefit all our clients, we’d be happy to put in the work ourselves. We pride ourselves on our agility and innovative approach to custom development.

Upcast supports integration with most tracking systems. If you’re using a tracking system that we don’t support as standard, we’ll be happy to discuss integration. Our unique API makes this quick and painless.

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