Benefits & Features

Why use an ad management tool?

Facebook’s native ad management system has been designed mostly with small advertisers in mind, and there is little or no capability to bulk-manage ads, test different creatives, optimise campaigns or track and report on conversions. In practice this makes it virtually impossible to run large-scale campaigns.

Facebook have solved this problem by allowing selected third parties to develop technology solutions which connect directly to their systems and allow high-volume ad management. Upcast is one of the early solutions developed, and we firmly believe it to be the best for a number of compelling reasons:

Social Ad Management

Upcast support all of Facebook’s social ad formats and our powerful reports will give you all the social metrics you need, including several that Facebook themselves don’t offer, allowing you to optimise against metrics such as cost per fan.

Multivariate Ad Testing

Upcast allows you to generate and upload thousands of ad variations in minutes, using our simple but powerful bulk upload technology. To complement this our reports will show you the exact elements of your ads or demographic groups that are achieving the best results, and allow you to perform optimisation directly from the report.

Automatic Targeting Split

Demographic targeting can be automatically split by areas such as country, age and gender to create multiple segments. This allows you to discover which demographic segments are the most successful and optimise against them.

Auto and Manual Optimisation Strategies

Picture this: You’ve got specific campaign goal for metrics like CTR. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just enter them into the system and let the campaign optimise itself? Well, with Upcast, you can. Furthermore you can manually bulk-optimise ads, campaigns and targeting at any point during the campaign run.

Integrated Tracking

Upcast will seamlessly integrate with pretty much all third party tracking solutions (Google Analytics, Search Ignite and Kenshoo to name but a few) so you can track through to conversion and optimise your campaign’s CPA or ROI targets.


Full reporting on all granular data including all Facebook-approved social media metrics. Upcast offers a range of real time reports that are highly advanced and have several data views. Upcast is also the only reporting system to offer a true multi-variate view allowing users to identify the ad variables that are driving the best response, and optimise directly from the report.

Two Way Account Sync

We aim to save you time. This feature allows you to synchronise your existing Facebook campaigns into Upcast so you can get up and running with our system instantly – no long learning curve required like with other tools!

Our People

Upcast’s dedicated Facebook ad team are all experts in executing client-driven campaigns. They’re there to help you plan, set up and run your campaign, and will keep you bang up to date with its performance.

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