26 March

Social network ad campaigns are playing increasingly important roles in the marketing communications strategies of many leading brands. As people spend more time on social platforms, marketers are faced with growing opportunities to deliver their message with more advanced tools at their disposal. However, these can be difficult to master, and it can sometimes be easy to make mistakes. Here is a list of five commonly made mistakes and how you can avoid them. 1. [...] – Read more

11 March

Facebook have recently introduced a new way to organise your campaigns to make it easier to measure and optimise. The new structure consists of three levels: Campaigns, Ad sets, and Ads, as opposed to the previous Campaign and Ads levels. Read the announcement from Facebook The new structure may seem familiar – it is comparable to how Super Groups currently work in Upcast. Our tool will be updated to incorporate the new account structure, and [...] – Read more

3 March

Facebook PMD and Twitter Marketing Platform Partner to support media agencies in the region with their leading social ads management tool March 3, 2014 – London, UK – Upcast Social, the Facebook and Twitter ads management tool built for global media agencies, announced today the opening of its Singapore office. The satellite office will establish a local market presence for expansion in the APAC region and also provide support for its growing client base. With [...] – Read more

7 February

Custom Audiences targeting on Facebook is an effective way to increase the specificity of potential exposure for advertisers. For example, a retailer could use its customer email database to target ads to people on Facebook. This has been a popular feature among agencies and advertisers using Upcast, as it results in higher response rates and better ROI. Facebook have continued to enhance this tool and recently announced Custom Audiences from your website or mobile app, [...] – Read more

2 October

Today we are very excited to announce the launch of Upcast’s Twitter Ads management platform. We were delighted to be chosen by Twitter to join their Ads API Program and the team has worked incredibly hard over the last couple of months to build a powerful tool tailored specifically to media agency needs. Our clients now have the benefit of being able to integrate their Twitter and Facebook strategies to run campaigns in tandem on [...] – Read more

30 September

Agencies and Advertisers running Facebook ads are discovering the advantages of the newsfeed placement due to its higher click through rates and reach via mobile. Page Post Ads, the main format for placement in the newsfeed, have therefore become one of the best ways to engage the audience and also deliver qualified traffic to the advertiser’s website. Upcast users create many targeting segments in order to optimise their page posts effectively. However the more this [...] – Read more

16 July

In response to a recent article on the BBC.   http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-18813237   The BBC recently covered the potential downside to Facebook advertising through setting up a fake company profile in order to drive up a fake brand’s number of ‘likes’. It questioned the validity of the potential customers, the location they come from and why a brand should be paying for this ‘like’ acquisition. What it didn’t do however, is create a fair test where [...] – Read more

5 July

We’ve been working hard at Upcast to develop our market leading technology and the June 2012 release of Upcast included some exciting new features to help marketers get more out of Facebook advertising. One of the most innovative features added to Upcast is a new Facebook advertising option called ‘Optimized CPM’. Optimized CPM allows advertisers to prioritise their campaign goals towards more down-stream actions such as page likes, app installs, reach, clicks or social impressions. [...] – Read more

28 May

Today at Upcast Social we’ve launched a new feature called Frequency Strategy aimed at brand advertisers that are looking to reach as many individual people in their target audience as possible whilst also limiting the frequency of ads being shown. When running Facebook Ad campaigns we’ve found some advertisers are having problems when broad targeting people. Advertisers have told us that they’d start advertising to an audience and their budget would spend very quickly and [...] – Read more

3 April

We are happy to announce the latest release of Upcast, which went live earlier today.   There are a host of new features and back-end improvements to the tool that will quietly enhance your user experience. Here are the key items that will be most visible to you, although there are several more not listed:   a)            In bulk campaign edit, you can now choose to increase/decrease the budgets of all selected campaigns by a [...] – Read more

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