Jobsite is a leading UK online recruitment site, dedicated to helping people find their next job. In 2010 Jobsite won the NORA award for ‘Recruitment Website of the Decade’ and ‘Best Generalist Job Board’.

Upcast manage paid and natural search marketing for Jobsite and have been tasked to manage a Facebook advertising campaign to support the Max Beasley nationwide TV campaign. Critical to the success of the campaign is use of our proprietary social ad management tool, Upcast.

Campaign Objectives

The goals for the campaign were to use Facebook advertising to support the TV advertising, raise awareness, drive traffic to the Jobsite website and increase the number of users registering, uploading CV’s and applying for jobs. The campaign ran from Jan to March 2011.


Using Upcast’s leading proprietary technology, Upcast, account managers were able to seamlessly create a campaigns testing hundreds of different ad creative combinations:

  • Different headlines and descriptions according to job sectors
  • Up to 8 different images including Jobsite logo and Max Beasley variations
This is our first use of Facebook as a digital advertising medium. Coupled with the use of Upcasts advertising technology we have been delighted with the results. Facebook advertising allows us cost effectively to reach new users


Katy StantonJOBSITE

Demographic Targeting

The powerful demographic and interest targeting options on Facebook were further used through Upcast to advertise to people according to:

• Job titles and interests (e.g. architecture, architects), or
• Demographic profiles most likely to convert (e.g. younger people for sales jobs)

Tracking and Campaign Optimisation

Upcast enables Facebook campaigns to be tracked through multiple analytics solutions at the same time with fast, user friendly set up. In Jobsite’s case the campaign was tracked both through Google Analytics.

The multivariate ad testing features of Upcast allowed the Upcast campaign managers to then optimize based on the initial performance of the campaign. Ad section reports showed that people responded much better images of Max Beasley than Jobsite logos:

Responder demographics also showed the best performing age groups to the ads. For example it was found that the best response to sales job ads was in the younger age groups (18-24). This allowed further optimization to be carried out.


The campaign delivered over 60 million impressions and more than 16,000 clicks through to 80% of visits from Facebook ads were brand new visitors to Jobsite making the channel by far the most effective way for Jobsite to reach completely new users. Most importantly the conversion rate of new registrations was above the site average.

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