3 Apr

Premium Advertising on Facebook

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‘Premium’ – the new 4-pronged advertising platform on facebook. Previously premium ads were only available in the right-hand side bar as a ‘like’, an event, a video comment or a poll. Now different type of adverts will appear in 1 of 4 places in order to get the greatest interest.

1. Right-hand side bar

On average adverts in the side bar have between 5 and 10 times more engagement than anywhere else. These adverts will be shown to those not yet currently fans of your page, though sponsored stories may also be shown to fans. These can now contain a status update or post rather than the traditional “like” ad.

2. Newsfeed on homepage

For fans and friends of fans, sponsored stories and friend interaction with your page will now appear in the newsfeed. Some of these adverts will be organic e.g. a friend ‘liking’ your page and others will be paid.

3. Newsfeed on mobile

Facebook’s mobile app was previously advertisement free. Now paid ads will appear in the timeline on the phone similarly to how they appear on normal facebook.

4. Logout ads

These appear on the log out screen and are optional for premium users. This gives the advert almost the whole screen so are far more striking.

The other change is that pages will now be able to make an advert in the form of an offer. A post which is designed to advertise a certain discount which can then be used to gain more momentum as users are shown when a friend signs up for the offer, and also when they utilise the offer and are therefore encouraged to do the same.

All premium adverts will now be charged either by impressions or reach, there is no longer a per click option, though this is not the case for the standard marketplace ads. However the reach generator will guarantee that all posts aimed at fans reach at least 75% of fans each month.

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