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On the Beach use Google Multi-Channel Funnels to measure Facebook advertising

Founded in 1995, On the Beach is one of the UK’s leading online travel agencies carrying over 750,000 passengers every year. On The Beach make it simple for people to plan, find and enjoy their perfect beach holiday, at the right price. They provide consumers with a huge selection of travel products, from 50 million available flight seats and more than 30,000 hotels around the world, with airport parking, insurance and in-resort transfers via partners.
Upcast have been tasked to manage a Facebook advertising campaign to increase awareness and holiday bookings for On the Beach. Critical to the success of the campaign is use of our proprietary social ad management tool.

Campaign Objectives

The goals for the campaign were to use Facebook to advertise to OTB’s target market, drive users to the onthebeach.co.uk website, and increase online holiday bookings.


Ad creative

Using Upcast’s leading proprietary technology, Upcast, account managers were able to seamlessly create a campaigns testing hundreds of different ad creative combinations:

  • Different headlines and descriptions
  • Up to 30 different images including the OTB logo and variations of holiday destinations and beach pictures
Although the Last Click Analysis left us under the impression that the campaign had failed to achieve its aim, by using the data from the Multi Channel Funnels we can see that the campaign actually produced a positive ROI. With the Upcast system automatically optimising advert content and demographic targeting, our Avg CPC was 21% below target with CTR 66% above target.


Conrad Edkins – On the Beach

Demographic Targeting

The powerful demographic and interest targeting options on Facebook were further used through Upcast to advertise to people according to:

  • People interested in Travel, Holidays in general
  • Those that ‘like’ specific destinations such as Spain, Ibiza etc
  • People in geographical areas where On the Beach have a stronger brand presence
  • And On the Beach’s general target audience of couples and families

Tracking and Campaign Optimisation

Upcast enables Facebook campaigns to be tracked through any third party tracking solution with fast, user friendly set up. On the Beach use Google Analytics as one of their tracking solutions and a new feature in Google Analytics called Multi-Channel Funnels offered valuable insight into the campaign performance.

Multi-Channel Funnels allows post click sales to be tracked and attributed back to first or assisting click channels. This type of measurement is particularly important for Facebook because it often acts as an awareness generator with conversions happening later through demand fulfillment channels such as search.

The multivariate ad testing features of Upcast allowed our campaign managers to then optimise based on the initial performance of the campaign. Ad section reports showed that people responded much better images of beaches, and destinations than the On the Beach logo.

Responder demographics also showed the best performing age groups to the ads. For example, it was found that the best response to many campaigns came from Females 45-54 years old. This allowed further optimisation to be carried out.


The campaign was return-on-ad-spend positive on a last click measurement basis. On a post click basis the campaign delivered several times more sales. 7 times as many sales were generated where Facebook ads were the first click in the path to conversion. Additionally Facebook assisted in almost 10 times as many sales – ie Facebook ads were clicked somewhere in the path to conversion.

In comparison to other channels Facebook ads were one of the highest assisting channels in post click sales as well as one of the highest drivers of new visits to onthebeach.co.uk. This proves the value of Facebook as a way to reach new audiences, generate interest and increase online sales.

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