5 Jul

New feature – Optimized CPM

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We’ve been working hard at Upcast to develop our market leading technology and the June 2012 release of Upcast included some exciting new features to help marketers get more out of Facebook advertising.

One of the most innovative features added to Upcast is a new Facebook advertising option called ‘Optimized CPM’. Optimized CPM allows advertisers to prioritise their campaign goals towards more down-stream actions such as page likes, app installs, reach, clicks or social impressions. We expect this to prove useful when running on-Facebook campaigns as often advertisers are less interested in clicks and have defined their success criteria based on end results, such as driving page likes or installs of an application.

The innovative Super Group feature in Upcast – which allows automatic splitting of ads into separate campaigns for more thorough multivariate ad testing – has also been improved to allow custom naming conventions to be applied to campaign names. This offers advertisers complete flexibility when deciding on how they want their campaigns named. The naming conventions can then be used for more sophisticated filtering, budget control, and internal reporting systems.

We’ve also improved and added more advanced filtering to our Campaigns and Ads Editing sections to allow for faster and more effective bulk editing. This will allow advertisers more control, save them time and ultimately improve performance.

Please get in touch with us at info@upcastsocial.com if you’d like to hear more about how Upcast can improve your Facebook advertising.

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