3 Apr

New release!

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We are happy to announce the latest release of Upcast, which went live earlier today.


There are a host of new features and back-end improvements to the tool that will quietly enhance your user experience. Here are the key items that will be most visible to you, although there are several more not listed:


a)            In bulk campaign edit, you can now choose to increase/decrease the budgets of all selected campaigns by a fixed percentage or amount e.g. “increase by 10%” or “decrease by £20.00”

b)            The “Status” filter in bulk campaign edit now contains a ‘scheduled’ option so you can filter in scheduled campaigns only

c)            The “Name” filter in bulk campaign edit now contains  ’Does not contain’ and ‘Does not end with’ so you can exclude campaigns from your filter based on a portion of their name

d)            The maximum number of filters in bulk campaign edit has been increased from 4 to 10, so you can carry out even finer-grained filtering

e)            New image uploader which is easier to use and more reliable than the old system

f)             Faster updates and creates of ads/campaigns across the system

g)            Safety check for bid/budget when creating supergroups, which will prevent you from creating an ad where the max bid is more than half of the campaign budget

h)            Safety check when using existing supergroups for bulk upload – if the end date of the supergroup is in the past it will prompt you to change this


If you have any questions about the above or want to experience Upcast for yourself, please contact us through our website.

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