Radisson Edwardian

Campaign: to generate tangible results via Facebook campaign through increasing the number of fans generated and additional web traffic.

As a high-end, luxury lifestyle hotel, Radisson Edwardian has already established a successful online strategy. As a result of Upcast, over the past year Radisson Edwardian and The May Fair brands have successfully developed successful Facebook advertising strategies.

Although initially Radisson Edwardian’s target market were not seen to be typical users of social media channels, in fact the Radisson Edwardian target demographic were early adopters and embraced both digital and social media channel communication. Radisson Edwardian were seeing an increasing trend of customers seeking their peers opinions and approval before booking hotel and holiday destinations. This discovery made the Facebook project an obvious choice. The entire campaign, ad generation and tracking was to be implemented via Upcast.

Campaign Objectives

To support existing online results achieved through Radisson Edwardian’s Natural Search (SEO), Paid Search and Social Media activity. Radisson Edwardian’s aim was to increase the number of Facebook Fans achieved and drive additional web traffic. Radisson Edwardian wanted to ensure that the most effective ads were being served to the ideal target profile at exactly the right time with the aim of initiating conversion. The ability to effectively track traffic, Facebook Likes and gain actionable insights was essential throughout the campaign.


Upcast was implemented to create and test Facebook advertising campaigns.

For this particular campaign, Upcast tested over 100 ad copy and creative variations. Upcast quickly determined the most effective ad combination, one that aligned with the main objective of increasing the number of Facebook Fans.

Responder demographics were tracked and targeted to ensure the highest possible click through rate. The budget was weighted based on age and gender response rates.

Ad Creative

The aim was to drive traffic to the Radisson Edwardian Facebook page and generate Facebook fans.

A ‘click to reveal tab’ in the form of a competition was used to incentivise people to become a fan. Once users had Liked the page, they were able to access the ‘win a luxury weekend’ competition. This ‘Like’ would then be visible to all friends, therefore encouraging further referrals of the hotels page.


Upon implementing the most effective and targeted via Upcast,

• Over 100 million impressions were generated.
• Incremental and targeted Traffic driven to Radisson Edwardian site

Facebook Likes:

After the activation of the incentivised ‘Like’ campaign,

• 7,000 new ‘Likes’ were achieved after a 2 month period
• Approx 4,000 ‘Likes’ were generated via email demonstrating the viral effect of the campaign
• Between 2-2500 ‘Likes’ were achieved through Facebook ads

Incremental Traffic to Radisson Edwardian site:

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