RSPCA increase online donations through Upcast Facebook advertising

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) have been looking out for animals, since 1824. Their vision is to work for a world in which all humans respect and live in harmony with all other members of the animal kingdom.

I Spy manage paid and natural search work for RSPCA and have been engaged to manage Facebook advertising campaigns for various RSPCA initiatives including Biggest Animal Rescue. Critical to the success of the campaigns is use of I Spy’s proprietary social ad management tool, Upcast.

Campaign Objectives

The goals for the Biggest Animal Rescue campaign were to use Facebook advertising to raise awareness of the campaign, drive traffic to the RSPCA campaign website and increase donations.


Ad creative

Using I Spy’s leading proprietary technology, Upcast, account managers were able to seamlessly create a campaign testing 32 different ad creative combinations:

  • 4 different headlines and descriptions
  • 8 different images
This is our first use of Facebook as a digital fundraising medium. Coupled with the use of I Spy’s Upcast advertising technology we have been delighted with the results. Facebook advertising allows us cost effectively to reach new supporters.

Joe Wilson – RSCPA

Demographic Targeting

The powerful demographic and interest targeting options on Facebook were further used through Upcast to advertise to people interested in animal rights/welfare, RSPCA competitors, and general animal lovers.

Tracking and Campaign Optimisation

Upcast enables Facebook campaigns to be tracked through multiple analytics solutions at the same time with fast, user friendly set up. In RSPCA’s case the Biggest Animal Rescue campaign was tracked both through Google Analytics and Search Ignite, for post click attribution modelling.

The multivariate ad testing features of Upcast allowed the I Spy campaign managers to then optimize based on the initial performance of the campaign. Reports showed that people responded much better to Facebook ads with more distressed animal images. The better performing ads also corresponded with the lowest CPC rate.

Responder demographics also showed that females in the 25 to 54 year age bracket responded best to the campaign.


The campaign delivered over 30 million impressions and more than 18,000 clicks through to the campaign website – almost twice as many clicks as the paid search campaign and at a very favourable CPC rate.

The Biggest Animal Rescue Facebook campaign was ROI positive. After campaign attribution modeling was carried out through Search Ignite, however, it was found that a much larger number of people who had clicked on the ads had converted later through a different channel. The campaign was a resounding success for RSPCA.

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